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What is YouTubeMob? helps people to watch and share youtube videos. Youtube Mob is optimized for Mobile Devices but you can also surf our site with a Desktop or Laptop computer.

We were thinking of giving people a second change to watch youtube videos, especially if youtube is banned in your country. This how imgmob is founded. The main princible is to make youtube videos viewable, even via mobile device.

If your country banned youtube, youtubemob helps you to watch and search youtube videos. You can think our site as a buffer between your country ban and youtube. We stand in the middle, helping you to watch, share and search youtube videos.

Best of all, YouTubeMob is and will always be completely free.

If you are living in a country which banned youtube, there are different solutions for desktop computers. You can change your dns records to watch youtube videos. But what about mobile devices? You cannot edit mobile devices dns records, so reaching youtube within a youtube-banned country via mobile device is nearly impossible. This is where we enter the scene. With YoutubeMob, you can view, share and search youtube videos with your mobile device, even your country banned youtube.

Our main power and difference lays in mobile support. Especially in countries which banned youtube. We try to give a solution.

How can I help?
The easiest way to help is to spread the word! Tell your friends, your enemies, your mail man, or anyone else about YoutubeMob! Post about it on forums, comment about it on Reddit, Digg, Facebook, YouTube, or anywhere. Just get the word out. We really appreciate if you help us in this manner.

What video types are allowed?
We support 4 video formats for now. These are:
- 3gp with AAC support. (3gpp package for mobile devices)
- 3gp with AMR support. (3gpp package for mobile devices)
- MP4 support.(Especially useful for Apple - Iphone device)
- FLV support. (Some mobile devices also support flv)

In the future, we will add more video formats.

For other issues, please feel free to contact us. You may find our contact details in the FAQ area.

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